Chorley Terriers

The Chorley Terriers
The ‘Chorley Terriers’ were men from the town who formed the majority of D Company 1st / 4th Bn. [TF] Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

hey were part-time soldiers, meeting once a week at the Drill Hall on Devonshire Road in the town and going on a week’s camp each summer. At the outbreak of the war in August the unit were recalled from such a camp at Kirby Lonsdale and put on a war footing. They left the town on the 6th August 1914 marching to the Public Halls in Preston.

The unit landed in France in May 1915 and went over the top on the 15th June attacking German positions in front of the village of Festubert in northern France. They took part in a famous bayonet charge at around 6.00 p.m. but suffered many casualties; out of 662 from the Battalion, only 243 answered the roll call the following day.